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10 Best Scooter Stores for Students in the U.S.

For years we have worked hard to bring our customers the best scooter purchase experience possible.  With over 12 years in the business we have learned that the best thing about being in this business at the end of the day is our customers.  We also take time to have fun which this article so graciously points out.  When we were told about the article we were happy to see we were listed in the top ten best scooter stores in the nation.  It is a testament to our hard work, selling quality scooters and to our incredible customers.

“Every Spartan needs a chariot. Campus Scooter helps you find the ride that fits your style. And if you need a ride from Michigan State, CATA Bus Stops #5885, #4799, #4, #4804, #9 and #5886 will take you right to Campus Scooter. They also offer storage and free layaway. Students who want VIP status can buy “care-free packages” for an additional fee. Care-Free Packages cover tune-ups like battery charges for life to engine oil and transmission services. With scooters ranging from $1,099 to $2,299, Campus Scooter offers makes and models that can fit your specific needs. Putting their customers first, they give a $20 discount per labor hour. Confused new scooter riders can head to a hilarious and informative FAQ page on the Campus Scooter site. It answers all your burning scooter questions like, “Is it okay to laugh and make fun of people at the gas station while refueling?” For a good laugh and more importantly a reliable scooter, Campus Scooter has your back.”

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