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Mid-West's Largest Scooter Shop


Our mission at Campus Scooter is to provide our customers with the best scooter experience possible.  Since 2006 we have continued to grow and provide our customers with total customer service and satisfaction at the lowest prices possible.

What separates us from the competition is our years of experience and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.  It is because of our commitment to customer satisfaction that has allowed us to open the largest scooter shop in all of the mid-west.  Stop by today and not only give us the opportunity to go above and beyond for you but also the honor to call you one of our customers.


Selling  Quality Scooters
Full Service Scooter Repair
Customer Support
Years of Scooter Experience
Being Scooter Enthusiasts
Large Scooter Selection


  • Our Customers Always Come First
  • Our Enhanced Warranty
  • Scooters Assembled by Mechanics
  • Our Scooters Have Upgraded Parts
  • Customers get $20 discounted labor
  • Only Company to utilize STARTS
  • Our dedicated support staff
  • Only Scooter Pick-Up Service


  • Thank You Campus Scooter for introducing me to the joy of scooting and saving money.Emily
  • The guys were super friendly and so excited about their scooters. No sales gimmick. Just REALLY excited about the scooters.Amy
  • I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support. You helped turn my nightmare online scooter into a fully operation scooter.  Thank you.Geoff


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