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Affordable High Quality Products And Service

There is something to be said about being an underdog but there is also something fulfilling to be said about being top dog. When we first started Campus Scooter we were the underdog. We faced many obstacles in our quest to not only open a new business but to overcome the many obstacles this type of business would face. Years later we are proud to announce that our hard work and determination has paid off.  We are no longer the underdog. For the past 6 years Campus Scooter has been the leader in the motorized scooter business. We have seen many companies come and go during this time.  This got us thinking about what distinguishes Campus Scooter from our competition?

Quite honestly when we set out to create Campus Scooter our goal was to provide our customers with the best quality product at the most affordable price. We truly believe that we have accomplished this, which is one of the reasons that have made us the consistent leader. We won’t sacrifice quality to make a quick buck and we always stand behind our product. When you include this along with some of the other amazing products and services we provide our customers it shows a pattern of providing affordable quality products and services.

One of the many ways we prove we are customer focused even after a sale is by offering all of our customers discounts.  Those who purchased one of our affordable high quality motor scooters from Campus Scooter, receive discounts off all labor rates as long as they own their scooter. These customers will also receive discounts on many of the other services we provide including returning customer discounts and customer referrals.

Our Determination

“Our determination has always been to provide affordable high quality products and service, which is evidenced in our happily returning customers and in our customer referrals,” said co-owner Colin. “It is this determination that continues to put us above our competition year after year and why we have staying power while others do not,” mentioned co-owner Tim. “We have families who buy a scooter for their oldest son or daughter and then a year or two later buy another scooter for their next child. We also have families who bought one scooter and they all started sharing it so they decided to buy one for each family member. We wouldn’t have these types of stories if we weren’t customer driven and have high quality affordable products and services.”

A few years ago Campus Scooter was the underdog but we had a vision and what really sets us above our competition is our choice in making our customers number one. “Our customers are the reason we are the leader and for this we are truly thankful for each one of them,” said Colin. “We will continue to be customer focused and provide our current customers along with any new customers the most affordable, high quality motor scooters available,” said Tim. “We didn’t go from underdog to top dog without having these tenants as our company’s building blocks.”

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