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  • Just wanted to let you folks know that I am very happy with my scooter (purple suny scooter) that you repaired for me a couple weeks ago. She purrs like a kitten and rides just as well as when I first got her 3 years ago. I am quite pleased and have told EVERYONE I know how great you folks were to me. From the day I brought her in to all your return phone calls and then helping me to reload her in my friends truck when I came to pick her up. You all treated me with the utmost respect and did just what you said you would do. TRULY a happy customer. Thanks so much.


  • Hi guys My wife baught her scooter from you back in early july, and loves it. She brought it in to you today for a gas leak problem, and you guys fixed it fast. I wanted to dorp you a note and say thanks for going out of your way to help her out so fast. That kind of service is why we paid more than what I could buy on-line for, and i am so glad we chose your business to buy from. feel free to use us as a referance to any new or prospective customers.

    P.S. by the time she parks it for the winter, she will have saved enough in gas savings to cover the cost of her scooter. 08/13Howard

  • The guys at Campus Scooter are so kind, professional, and sincere. They go above and beyond and provide quality service. Truly appreciate the excellent customer service they give. Thank you Campus Scooter!!!


  • I just want to say that although I did not purchase my scooter from them, they have done a few mods to my scooter and have taken very good care of me over the last three years. They did a 72cc big bore kit, gears, Kevlar belt, rollers, performance exhaust, and are now fixing what we think is a carb issue. I am confident that they will again, do there magic, and I will be on the road soon. The new location is great and the have added a few new products to their product mix. A big Thanks to Graham and Wolf for their hard work and for doing their best in keeping me on the road! THANKS!Terrill
  • Hi, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for the OUTSTANDING service I received from Graham and the mechanic who worked on my TGB Key West Scooter on 5/10/13. The Scooter runs and drives like a new one now. Campus Scooter is a rare breed these days in that you actually do an outstanding job in every aspect of your business. I will recommend you highly to anyone I know of that is into Scooters. Keep up the good work so I can come back and visit again, it well worth the drive. Once again Thank you,


  • I am saving my money to buy my next scooter from Campus Scooter. I had issues with mine, yes it is starting to break down now and the place I bought it from are gone. Wish I had bought it from Campus Scooter.


  • Just recently purchased an Epsilon scooter from Campus Scooter. Filled up the tank when I bought it, and 135 miles later, I just filled up again! Considering the fuel capacity is only 1.5 gallons ($4.00 to fill up), thats 90 mpg!! This was one of the best, economic purchases I have ever made! Save so much money in fuel cost it’s great. I would recommend purchasing a scooter from here to anyone!


  • The guys at Campus Scooter were so professional, yet down to earth. I was very impressed and satisfied with the work they performed on my 50cc scooter. Thanks guys and you have a customer and scooter friend for life. If I ever need anything else, these guys are the only ones I will even consider.


  • I just wanted to tell everyone that I bought a Centro 50 there today, the service I receved was awsome. The people there really work hard to get you what you need at a fair price. Thank all of you at Campus Scooters.


  • Every time I need my scooter serviced, I take it to Campus Scooter. The honesty of these gentlemen are off the charts! They treat you as if they known you all your life. Salesmen with this kind of approach is very hard to find. Needless to say, Campus Scooter will take care of all my scooter needs. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!


  • I just want to write and let people know that if you are looking for a scooter shop you need to look no further than Campus Scooter. They have great prices and their service is second to none. I have been to 3 other shops in the area and will never visit another shop. Thanks guys!


  • Thank You Campus Scooter for introducing me to the joy of scooting and saving money.


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