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To Catch A Thief

To Catch A Thief

We at Campus Scooter feel we need to get real for a moment about a growing concern, which is scooter theft. The truth is a scooter that is not locked properly may get stolen. It’s sad, but true. The numbers may be small but it is a concern to us and to you, our friends. So lets get real for a moment about this concern.

Let’s face it, scooters are increasing in popularity, which is inevitable due to the increased cost of fuel, car insurance and parking. These reasons along with dozens of cost saving reasons have made the hundreds of thousands of people in our nation take to the street on a scooter. Now with this rise in popularity thieves jump at the opportunity to take your scooter.
Now the question becomes should you let these thieving cowards deter you from the immense savings of riding a scooter? Well we certainly cannot make the decision for you. Anyone can understand your reservations given the circumstances but let us talk to you on a personal level.

We know the importance of ownership and security. We have been victims of people stealing items from within our shop. It stings when it happens to you. All of us at Campus Scooter have heard the heart break stolen scooter stories from time to time and see the damage and it breaks our hearts. Even if you didn’t buy a scooter from us directly and bring your scooter in for repair after it has been returned it still bothers us.

It bothers us and instead of just sitting back and complaining we sprung into action. Last year we started working with the local police to setup up “bait” scooters. We would supply a scooter and the police would put a tracker on it. Then they would set it out to be stolen and track it. We have had a long-standing relationship with local law enforcement and help out any way we can to ensure the victims find justice. They will call us for VIN# look up (we keep detailed information on all of the scooters we sell) and we have even provided estimates that were then used as judgments against the thieves in court.

Not only are we helping to find victims justice but we are also making sure to tell all of our customers the various methods to securing their scooter. From something as simple as keeping your keys with you at all times, to locking your steering column are a good starting point. Several of the reports of theft have been due to someone leaving their keys with the scooter. The best method for securing your scooter is to use a high quality lock, locking your back tire and if possible locking it to a bike rack or another structure. Try and make your scooter the hardest target for a thief to steal.

Some other security tips are to use an alarm, to keep your scooter in a well lit area, keep your registration card with you and always be on the look out for suspicious activity. If you ever have concern or see suspicious activity please contact the local police even if it is not your scooter. We will be happy to work with them to help out in case the need to arises.

So you may be asking yourself, why are the owners of Campus Scooter telling us about this issue? Won’t it impact their business? To be perfectly honest, we would rather lose a few sales than hide and wait for the situation to get worse. The more knowledge you have the better for all of us. We want nothing more than for our customers to have the best scooter experience possible. The truth is even though the problem is relatively small and only a handful out of the thousands of scooters out there ever get stolen, we feel it is better to look at it from a personal perspective and come out with this news. Together we are stronger.

We hope for those of you who had reservations on owning a scooter that we helped to alleviate them. If you need more convincing well we are not only working with local authorities about also with local insurance companies to be able to provide scooter insurance policies for our customers in case of theft. We truly want our customers experience to be as close to a care-free experience as possible.

Now that all this is said lets get back to the business of having fun and saving incredible money by owning a scooter. Don’t let the bad guys get you down and don’t miss out on the substantial scooter savings!

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