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10-year-celebrationHas it really been 10-years already? I recall it was a sunny day back in April 2006 when Campus Scooter was originally founded. The idea for the business came months earlier when one of the owners searched exhaustively for a scooter in the Greater-Lansing area while he worked at Michigan State. He was very surprised to not only find very few purchase options locally, but to learn that it would cost around or over $3,000 to purchase a 49cc scooter. Rather than make a purchase given the options and prices he found, he decided to spend the next several months researching the scooter market and this is what he learned:

1. Almost ALL scooters are now being manufactured in China (even the Japanese and Italian branded scooters).

2. There is a HUGE difference in the quality of scooters being manufactured today – from the cheapest internet scooter to the premium brand scooters sold through powersports and motorcycle shops at high mark-ups.

3. 80% of the scooters being sold on the internet and Craigslist are junk – think disposable Bic lighter – sold from warehouses over 1,000 miles away, unassembled and often defective right out of the crate.

4. And finally, that if you take your time and do your homework (LOTS of homework), you can find the quality scooter manufacturers/suppliers in the “haystack” of junk products out there.

What he found out next was that the companies selling the quality products would not sell directly to the consumer via the internet or phone order. They wanted to make certain that their products would be assembled by certified mechanics before being driven, and even more importantly, that the scooter would be maintained and serviced over its running life by the local dealer as well. With that, the owner partnered with his best friend to form Campus Scooter LLC. Our original shop was actually only around 600 square feet in downtown East Lansing on Albert Street.

The goal of the business was simple: provide the highest quality scooters and mopeds to the MSU community at the lowest prices possible. It is hard to believe we have been doing that for 10 years now and that we have grown into Michigan’s largest scooter retailer and now have a showroom and service center over 4,000 square feet adjacent to campus in the Frandor Shopping Center. It has been a fun ride so far, and we are now the exclusive regional distributor of Genuine, Lance, Wolf and Bintelli Scooters.

Not only do we sell hundreds of scooters per year now, but we service and maintain EVERY product we sell, and every product we have sold since we opened. We continue to do the exhaustive homework it takes to find the very best quality scooter suppliers and manufacturers and provide them at the most affordable prices. We are here to stand behind our products and our warranties as well. Every scooter we sell comes with a minimum 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty and our Campus Scooter Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are proud to have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and we are proud and active supporters of Michigan State University.

As we celebrate 10 years, we want to thank our customers and the MSU community for a successful first decade and we look forward to being here for many decades to come. Stop in today and see why we have grown to become the state’s largest scooter retailer through our quality products and commitment to friendly and knowledgeable customer service!

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