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Do Scooters Save You Cash?

I know if our customers were asked, “Do scooters save you cash,” they would yell out in unison, “You bet ya!” Over the many years of being in the scooter business I have seen countless people purchase scooters and return with a smile on their face stating the gas mileage they have achieved or the savings of driving their scooter to work over their car. It is quite gratifying to know we offer a product that is not only a great deal to our customers but in turn can help them continue to save money as an alternate form of transportation.

It’s quite simple math actually. A new quality scooter is priced is 20 to 40 times less than the price of an average new car. A car must carry insurance, which is hundreds of dollars a year, and with a scooter you have the option to carry insurance. A scooter gets an average of 100 MPG where the highest MPG hybrid barely achieves half that feat. A car is required to be registered yearly in Michigan with prices ranging over $100 and all that is required for a moped is a $15 registration sticker that is good for 3 years. Another benefit of riding a scooter is that they can be parked at a bike rack so no more paying for parking.

There are other benefits to owning a scooter besides the money savings, but with a crumbled economy and high gas prices it just seems to be the most important reason why so many are turning off their cars and turning on their scooters today. Join us in the scooter revolution and yell “What Gas Prices?” with us as we ride into savings!

Campus Scooter is located in Lansing Michigan and has an assortment of affordable scooters in various colors that are on sale. If you are in the market for an incredible deal that ensures future savings, stop by and see us. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you saving money on your new scooter soon.

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