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For years we have worked hard to bring our customers the best scooter purchase experience possible.  With over 12 years in the business we have learned that the best thing about being in this business at the end of the day is our customers.  We also take time to have fun which this article so graciously points out.  When we were told about the article we were happy to see we were listed in the top ten best scooter stores in the nation.  It is a testament to our hard work, selling quality scooters and to our incredible customers.

“Every Spartan needs a chariot. Campus Scooter helps you find the ride that fits your style. And if you need a ride from Michigan State, CATA Bus Stops #5885, #4799, #4, #4804, #9 and #5886 will take you right to Campus Scooter. They also offer storage and free layaway. Students who want VIP status can [...]


10-year-celebrationHas it really been 10-years already? I recall it was a sunny day back in April 2006 when Campus Scooter was originally founded. The idea for the business came months earlier when one of the owners searched exhaustively for a scooter in the Greater-Lansing area while he worked at Michigan State. He was very surprised to not only find very few purchase options locally, but to learn that it would cost around or over $3,000 to purchase a 49cc scooter. Rather than make a purchase given the options and prices he found, he decided to spend the next several months researching the scooter market and this is what he learned:

1. Almost ALL scooters are now being manufactured in China (even the Japanese and Italian branded scooters).

2. There is a HUGE difference in the [...]

Steps for a Safer Ride

Campus Scooter does not condone riding in bad weather!
5 steps for a safer ride

Cold and stormy weather poses a danger to any motorist, but especially to riders on 2 wheels. There are several things to consider when riding a scooter in the rain and other inclement conditions.

1. Signal and brake earlier

This will ensure other drivers around you have plenty of time to distance themselves if you’re stopping or turning.

2. Don’t ride for 30 minutes after rain

If it hasn’t rained in a few days, the roads are particularly dangerous the first half hour after a fresh shower. If you’re already out and about, it’s best to pull over.

3. Avoid riding at night

Inclement weather already brings lower visibility, which gets even worse at night. Don’t ride after dark unless you absolutely have to.

4. Park it if there’s black ice

When the weather gets warm enough for the snow and ice to start melting, but then suddenly freezes [...]

It has been awhile since we last wrote but that was not because we had nothing to write about; on the contrary we have been quite busy and that is a great thing! Our business is booming and that is due in part to our wonderful staff who strive to always provide the best service to our customers and also due to our customers with whom we are grateful for your business throughout the years.
In the nearly 10 year history of Campus Scooter we have out grown 4 of our locations within a matter of months to a year. Our current location has lasted us for several years but it became evident over the past few years the need to expand. We spent a long time looking for the ideal place that would still offer convenience to the student populace, ease of access to expressways for those from out of town and a [...]

To Catch A Thief

We at Campus Scooter feel we need to get real for a moment about a growing concern, which is scooter theft. The truth is a scooter that is not locked properly may get stolen. It’s sad, but true. The numbers may be small but it is a concern to us and to you, our friends. So lets get real for a moment about this concern.

Let’s face it, scooters are increasing in popularity, which is inevitable due to the increased cost of fuel, car insurance and parking. These reasons along with dozens of cost saving reasons have made the hundreds of thousands of people in our nation take to the street on a scooter. Now with this rise in popularity thieves jump at the opportunity to take your scooter.
Now the question becomes should you let these thieving cowards deter you from the immense savings of riding a scooter? Well [...]


Often accidents between scooters and other vehicles are the result of the other driver simply not seeing the scooterist. Usually the comment “he/she came out of nowhere” is heard. However we do come from somewhere and it may have been from beyond that driver’s line of sight.

To minimize risk I always ask myself: Am I within the other driver’s line of sight?

When approaching intersections I look for the vehicle which is the greatest threat to myself. This will be the vehicle which is able to enter the intersection into my path. Try to make eye contact with the other drivers.

I think of their position and what would or could obstruct their view of myself. A common obstruction is vehicles in front of you, particularly if they are executing a turn. To counter this, decrease your speed to create a [...]



C – Concentration
A – Anticipation
T – Toleration

I believe this to be the key to safe, responsible riding/driving encapsulated in an easy to remember acronym.

CONCENTRATION means keeping your mind wholly on the riding/driving activity, vehicle attitude, road conditions, other vehicle behavior, etc..Not using your cell phone or checking out attractive co-eds ( you know who you are !!!!).

ANTICIPATION means being alert for the effects of such as gravel on the road, debris, potholes, pedestrians, or the possibility of a Jimmy Johns delivery person coming around a blind corner, etc.

TOLERATION means being calm in the face of aggressive behavior by other road users. We get it..It’s hard sometimes with all the idiot drivers out there..but keep your cool, dudes and to scoot another day!

Scanning into the future
Look way down the road [...]

Another Rainy day out there – no other way to describe it. Dreary and pissin’ down rain. Springtime in Michigan..*sigh*…

How do you ride safely in these conditions? First, make the decision whether you really have to be out there and then learn to ride safely.

Here are some tips:

A visor can be both a blessing and a curse in the rain. We at Campus Scooter feel it is an essential thing but you have to keep it clear and fog free. Products such as Rain-X help to bead water so that the wind blows the droplets away without all the rippling and distorting effects. Adjusting your helmet vents and keeping airflow around the visor will prevent fogging and there are many anti-fog products used by motorcyclists and skiers that prevent fogging.
If you wear eyeglasses, use an antifog compound on them since they will often fog under your shield in [...]

There is something to be said about being an underdog but there is also something fulfilling to be said about being top dog. When we first started Campus Scooter we were the underdog. We faced many obstacles in our quest to not only open a new business but to overcome the many obstacles this type of business would face. Years later we are proud to announce that our hard work and determination has paid off.  We are no longer the underdog. For the past 6 years Campus Scooter has been the leader in the motorized scooter business. We have seen many companies come and go during this time.  This got us thinking about what distinguishes Campus Scooter from our competition?

Quite honestly when we set out to create Campus Scooter our goal was to provide our customers with the best quality product at the most affordable price. We truly believe that we have accomplished this, [...]

I know if our customers were asked, “Do scooters save you cash,” they would yell out in unison, “You bet ya!” Over the many years of being in the scooter business I have seen countless people purchase scooters.  When they return with a smile on their face stating the gas mileage they have achieved or the savings of driving their scooter to work over their car, we get happy. It is quite gratifying to know we offer a product that is not only a great deal to our customers but in turn can help them continue to save money as an alternate form of transportation.

It’s quite simple math actually. A new quality scooter is priced is 20 to 40 times less than the price of an average new car. A car must carry insurance, which is hundreds of dollars a year, and with a scooter you have the option to carry insurance. A scooter [...]

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