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Ride Like a Cat



C – Concentration
A – Anticipation
T – Toleration

I believe this to be the key to safe, responsible riding/driving encapsulated in an easy to remember acronym.

CONCENTRATION means keeping your mind wholly on the riding/driving activity, vehicle attitude, road conditions, other vehicle behavior, etc..Not using your cell phone or checking out attractive co-eds ( you know who you are !!!!).

ANTICIPATION means being alert for the effects of such as gravel on the road, debris, potholes, pedestrians, or the possibility of a Jimmy Johns delivery person coming around a blind corner, etc.

TOLERATION means being calm in the face of aggressive behavior by other road users. We get it..It’s hard sometimes with all the idiot drivers out there..but keep your cool, dudes and to scoot another day!

Scanning into the future
Look way down the road rather than just immediately in front of you, keep scanning around oncoming vehicles and always assume everybody in a vehicle is going to do the wrong thing. Always act as if they don’t see you, chances are they may not. Until next time..Stay cool, all you Crazy Scooter Cats!

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