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The Big Move

It has been awhile since we last wrote but that was not because we had nothing to write about; on the contrary we have been quite busy and that is a great thing! Our business is booming and that is due in part to our wonderful staff who strive to always provide the best service to our customers and also due to our customers with whom we are grateful for your business throughout the years.
In the nearly 10 year history of Campus Scooter we have out grown 4 of our locations within a matter of months to a year. Our current location has lasted us for several years but it became evident over the past few years the need to expand. We spent a long time looking for the ideal place that would still offer convenience to the student populace, ease of access to expressways for those from out of town and a place with plenty of space with room to grow. We are happy to announce we have found such a place.
Now that we have a new place for Campus Scooter we are working hard at preparing it for The Big Move. Over the next few weeks we will have our hands full and we ask for patience during this transitional time. We are confident after the craziness of moving has subsided we will be ready to hit the ground running. During this transition the best form of communication will be either email or using STARTS for our customers who have their scooters in for repair. It is also suggested to make an appointment for all repairs prior to bringing your scooter to the shop to ensure a quick and speedy turn around. Once The Big Move is completed at the end of the month, our new address will be 201 Morgan Lane which is located between Trippers and Sears at the south end of Frandor.
This is an exciting time for Campus Scooter for we have some pretty big things planned once The Big Move is over. We promise that not only will this move prove why we are the #1 scooter dealer in all of Michigan but these other plans will solidify it. Welcome to the next bit step in Campus Scooter’s journey!

“If you can’t walk, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl. But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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